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10 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home to be Listed


10 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home to be Listed

10 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home to be Listed

1.      Paint: Buyers have a hard time not being distracted by brightly colored walls.  If you have any in your home, painting them a more neutral color helps buyer to see just the home and not be turned off of the house just because of the paint color.

2.      Declutter: Just like paint colors, buyers can be preoccupied by the stuff in your home, this is a good time to clear out the clutter!

3.      Depersonalize:  Taking down photos of your family & other personalized belongs is also a good idea. Keep the décor neutral so buyers can visualize themselves living in the house, not the current occupants.

4.      Curb appeal:  First impression is everything!  Having the wow factor just when pulling up in front of the home can go a long way to buyers. Keep toys and garbage clear and make sure the yard is well kept.

5.      Clean & organize: Cleanliness is key.  A messy home can be a HUGE deterrent for buyers!  Please ensure that the things are clean & tidy the day of a showing in order to avoid this issue.

6.      Donate or sell unwanted items:  Selling your home is the best excuse forgoing through your things and either selling or donating the stuff you no longer need.  This will not only make the moving process easier but also reduce the clutter in your home, making it look better in showings.

7.      Repair:  Have any repairs that you’ve been needing to do? Now is the time to get those things fixed. This will help add appeal to the home and attract more buyers.

8.      Smell: Nothing turns buyers away more than a bad odor. Pets can be a big source of bad smells as well as many other things in your home.  Ensure that smell of the home is pleasant and not overpowering.

9.      Take pets with you:  If you have any pets, it is best to take them with you, if possible.  This will avoid any stress on your animals and get rid of any issues of the pets accidentally being let out of the home.

10.   Lighting:  Let your home be shown in the best way possible.  Try to leave blinds & curtains open and leave lights on if needed so potential buyers feel comfortable in the home and can easily see each room.

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